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Quod erad demonstrandum

„Hi Allan,

Quod erad demonstrandum“

Eine Prozesspartnerin, 18.07.2023

„Hey together!

thanks for your answers – great.

Now I found out what happened: Theire was an issue about reduce disk space for system ‚DMG‘ some weeks before (because each file is 600 MB and a new hard disk for a test system is very much expensive, its much cheapter to write mails to all of you *g*). One reason for the disk space problem is this, formally known as, “Special DMG Empty-Space-Fix”, which produce a backup file, before this fix is happen. To save some space, we remove this backup file, but probably, the “Special DMG Empty-Space-Fix” was not executed (greetings from Linux-team). So you receive the file with “Spaces” again.

No one of us has seen this, because “Empty is not seen very well”, but “for the eyes of DMG” of course it is 😉

Now I fix this and I have started a new Inputfile from us to DMG (and later I start a version to DMG test system) and than I hope everything gonna be alright (“without Empty spaces”, again). Moments ago the file was finished, so please have a look to your system. I hope you like this file.

P. S: I have an idea for a movie called: “Sometimes they come back…the empty spaces”

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Allan Kaufmann, 18.07.2023
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